All basic items such as toilet paper, basic herbs, cleaning products body soap & shampoo are available for free to use in the apartment. There’s also some coffee pods & teabags, sugar hand soap. Below you can order additional items to be delivered before your arrival 

Please complete your shopping by adding items to your basket. Please note: 

  • All cold / frozen foods will be placed in your fridge ready for you on arrival
  • All dry / canned items will be placed on the kitchen counter for you to check
  • We will leave a checklist with all the items that have been delivered for you
  • Images of the products may vary from the item you receive – we will periodically update our site, but if the product design changes in the shop we may not have updated our site yet. We will always deliver the product you ordered, even if it may be a different brand or design. 
  • Are you missing anything from our shop? Send us a message and we will check if we can add it for you. 
  • Check the shop terms & conditions here 

Please do NOT order any groceries if: 

  • Your arrival date is in less than 72 hours (the delivery may not arrive in time) 
  • While you stay at the apartment (There may not be anyone there to receive the delivery) 
  • If your arrival is more than 1 month away (you may have to cancel your booking and we do not refund grocery shop orders) 

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